Great Feedback from a NEW Customer

Subject :: Pure gratitude!

A good friend recently asked me, "Where does your food come from?" this made me think, as a new resident to CT and I did a little research. I cannot be more grateful to have found CT Farm Fresh! 

The food and products they deliver to our doorstep are from local farms and artisans. Our family is eating more fresh and healthy foods since we started ordering! 

I highly recommend this to my friends and I am so happy about finding this local service. Thank you CT Farm Fresh for offering such great service to our doorstep! 

Thanks CTFFE :: Jenn

A visit at Baldwin Brook Farm

Today I was lucky enough to spend the day with Mavis Newton from Baldwin Brook Farm in nearby Canterbury, Connecticut...

Her cows provides us with incredibly delicious raw milk from her herd of Jersey cows that enjoy acres and acres of rolling pastures...

Baldwin Brook Farm is simply amazing...beginning with the drive and sound of wooden boards beneath your tires as you cross the covered bridge to get to the farm. Almost 80 acres of  rolling, open fields for the animals to graze in and pristine barns tended to by many deft and caring hands. There's truly a love Mavis and her team put into everything they produce on the farm. There methods are in harmony with nature and an example of how all farms to follow.  

There's still time to get a bottle delivered 

to your door this week!

Deadline is Tuesday 10am —Delivered Thursday


ORDER by 10 am Tuesday - Delivered Thursday 

Choose from fresh salad mixes, spinach, pasta's and breads. You will also find jars of prepared sauces and fresh made quiches and pot pies.




MARK Good Friday, April 14th on your calendar - We are planning an event!
"Meet Your Farmer" with pop-up market here at CTFFE. Please join us for this opportunity to meet some of the wonderful farmers, taste our new line of products and purchase seasonal products.

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hydroponic vs soil question

Are Hydroponic Vegetables as Nutritious as Those Grown in Soil?

I like to blog about things I don't know and often wondered about. This is one, is there a nutritional difference between produce grown in soil vs the hydroponic method. I found my answer from a New York Times blogger, Sophie Egan.

There are some of the article that was posted in Dec 2016 at NYT blog: 

"The bottom line is it depends on the nutrient solution the vegetables are grown in, but hydroponically grown vegetables can be just as nutritious as those grown in soil." 

"Keep in mind that nutrient content varies for produce in general, regardless of the growing method. The differences relate to the type of fruit or vegetable, the time of year it is harvested, how long after harvesting the crop gets eaten, and how it is handled and stored from farm to fork."


Warmer Weather - Effecting the Fruit?

This week I spoke to a one of our fruit tree farmers, Michael Preli, from Belltown Hill Orchard, he told me they are staying positive about the warm February weather. 

Last year we had a similar weather pattern of warmth early and the fruit trees thought it was time to bud, then we got hit hard with cold temps and snow that destroyed those tender buds. Bad news for us, we had little to no stone fruit last year due to this event.
Michael is hopeful that the snow cover that we shill have around will keep the trees cool enough even if it hits 60 degrees this week. Let's be hopeful with him.
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