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My blog is a place for me to tell you how my week went at CT Farm Fresh Express and for you to share with me your thoughts and comments.

My goal is to provide everyone with fabulous service and the best local, organic produce.

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Jeff Rubin's Smaller World

By CT Farm Fresh on December 30, 2009 9:48 AM Comments: 0

As more of our food is sourced from abroad, the average distance from farm gate to dinner table has now risen to over fifteen hundred miles. That's a bad energy deal in its own right: for every calorie of...

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Factory Farming?

By CT Farm Fresh on March 16, 2009 9:39 AM Comments: 0

Factory farmers typically mix low doses of antibiotics (lower than the amount used to treat an actual disease or infection) into animals' feed and water to promote their growth and to preempt outbreaks of disease in the overcrowded, unsanitary...

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Global Warming Survival Kit

By CT Farm Fresh on December 14, 2008 9:31 AM Comments: 1

51 Ways You Can Prevent Global Warming. An excerpt from the article in Time Magazine       Support your local farmer By Maryanne Murray Buechner Monday, Mar. 26, 2007 Fruit, vegetables, meat and milk produced closer to home...

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By CT Farm Fresh on December 9, 2008 9:21 AM Comments: 0

It may look a lot like our original informational site, but its now the fastest, simplest, way to get farm fresh goodness every week when its convenient for you!       Announcing our newer and easy to use eStore...

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What's Organic?

By CT Farm Fresh on July 7, 2008 9:17 AM Comments: 0

The Organic Trade Organization as it says in their tag line, has been cultivating a strong organic trade industry since 1985. They helped define and shape what we consider to be organic and is a good source for basic answers...

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Going Beyond Organic

By CT Farm Fresh on June 15, 2008 9:11 AM Comments: 0

Happy Hollow Farms brought this article to our attention and throught it worthy to share with everyone. It makes a lot of sense. We believe our farms follow the old way of thinking and producing the foods we deliver...  ...

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