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BON - Olive Oil - Extra Virgin (per 750 ml) From Italy

BON - Olive Oil - Extra Virgin (per 750 ml) From Italy BON - Olive Oil - Extra Virgin (per 750 ml) From Italy
La Bonta di Fiesole - Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750 ml bottle)

This premium unfiltered olive oil may come from Fiesole, Italy, but the owners of the olive groves are CT residents George Bradley and Spencer Boyd. Though olive oil is not a local product, it is a staple we use everyday so why not support a CT-owned and operated business for items that cannot be produced in-state?Produced in small quantities by traditional methods, this luscious oil will add flavor to baked or sauteed potatoes, green vegetables, roast meats, salads, and many Italian recipes. Attractively packaged in 750 ml bottles- most oils of the same price are 500 ml or two-thirds the size- this oil is a healthy and tasty alternative to butter or corn oil. It makes a beautiful gift!

La Bonta di Fiesole: the 2013 & 2014 Harvests in Tuscany The November 2014 olive harvest in Tuscany was worst one on a statistical basis in over a hundred years. The problem was unending rain combined with insect infestation, and the region (in fact all areas of Italy except for some groves in the deep south) produced little or no olive oil. At the farm outside of Florence where the olive trees grow that produce La Bonta di Fiesole, we harvested less than one fifth of what we had the year before, and the quality of what little we did get was mediocre at best. As a result, we imported no olive oil at all in the spring of this year (2015), and we can assure you that anyone who claims to have brought in new olive oil from Tuscany has a heavy burden of proof. Fortunately, we do have a very little oil remaining from the previous harvest. The November 2013 harvest was one of the best in decades, and the oil that was made then was exceptionally fresh and long-lasting. It has kept very well and has retained excellent flavor. It is, of course, a year older than it was on import, and it will be milder both to the nose and on the tongue than new oil would be. It will also look more gold than green and have a gentler aftertaste. Nonetheless, it is some of the finest oil we have ever made, and we are pleased and proud to be able to offer what little of it is left.
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