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SILVO - Pasta Sauces - Choose your Variety (25.5 oz jar)

SILVO - Pasta Sauces - Choose your Variety (25.5 oz jar) SILVO - Pasta Sauces - Choose your Variety (25.5 oz jar)
Chef Silvio's Sauce - Tomato Sauce (25.5 oz jar). Choose from: Fradiavolo, Capricciosa or Sunday Sauce.

Sunday Sauce: "Sunday Sauce" was used for the traditional Sunday dinner when the whole family would gather and enjoy momma's special Sunday treats. This sauce has a smooth texture and a delicious flavor that is hard to describe. No single flavor stands out but all combine to have your taste buds make you keep going back for more.

Capricciosa : This is a light, full flavored marinara sauce that is made with Italian peeled tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil, fresh parsley, fresh garlic, fresh scallions, capers and spices.

Fradiavolo: This sauce is similar to our Capricciosa but has a little more "heat" to it. It is a mellow heat that adds a more robust flavor to whatever you're using it with.
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Choose A Flavor :
  • Fradiavolo
  • Capricciosa
  • Sunday Sauce
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