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CCF - Dutch Farmstead (priced per lb.) Cow Milk Cheese

CCF - Dutch Farmstead  (priced per lb.) Cow Milk Cheese CCF - Dutch Farmstead  (priced per lb.) Cow Milk Cheese
Cato Corner Farm - Young Dutch Farmstead Cheese. Priced by the pound, price will be adjusted after we return from the farm and we will email you the adjusted amount Wednesday night.
Moderately creamy and medium mild with a slight nutty undertone and a rich, round, well-balanced flavor, the Dutch Farmstead is our variation on Gouda. Consistently one of our favorites, the Dutch was recognized both Saveur magazine in 2005 and Slow Food USA in 2003 as one of the best American raw milk farmstead cheeses. Ideal for sandwiches or with crackers and wine, the Dutch has a little more heft than the Bridgid's Abbey, giving it appeal to customers across a wide range of tastes. Melts well. Aged 2 - 4 months.
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