I have to tell you we are addicted to this bread. It's about the only bread I indulge in. Can we talk that gal into putting TWO cloves of roasted garlic on top? I always scurvy it off to smear on my first slice of toast, and I would love for Nick to have one, but I'm not a good sharer when it comes to that garlic clove.

Marilyn Ulion
PS I am also lvin' those roses! :-)

Hi Deb,
As you know, I'm a big fan of ctffe, and I just wanted to share with you a few of the ways I've been using my fresh food...Over the weekend, I made a fish chowder using shallots, fingerlings, and the fresh fillet of sole, and using whey left over from cheese making for a stock–simple and really really good. I've used the sausage for black bean soup and a sausage/fennel pasta sauce. I've cooked the scallops with garlic, hot pepper flakes and olive oil and tossed with al dente pasta for another simple, fantastic meal. I use the apples in an apple upside down cake that is fabulous (of course it has enough butter and sugar in it to sink a ship so it has to be good!). I make quiche with the eggs, and have baked fish and served it over braised greens. I also stuffed chicken breasts with goat cheese, pan seared it and served it over wilted arugula. The fact is, the food is so fresh, that everything tastes 200 percent better no matter how you fix it! I am looking forward to more stuff as the spring arrives.

Thanks again for a wonderful service,
Deb Paulson

The food was so overly amazing that everyone was just blown away by it -- we couldn't have pulled it off without your gorgeous produce, cheese, etc. We loved our wedding so much.

And do you know that the moment we stepped out of the cottage to the "alter" a giant sunbeam came out of the clouds and shined right on us and never left for the rest of the day/night! Hows that for divine intervention?

Lots of love and will be in touch soon.

Thank you for running such a wonderful business. You’ve really transformed the way we eat and cook around here and we love it.


I'm a first time customer and pretty excited to try this service. I could never fit in getting to all these farms and suppliers on my own--at least not without burning a lot of gas and adding to my carbon footprint. Your service allows me to support local organic farmers.


I have not been disappointed with any of the products that I have ordered so far. My kids and I suffer from allergies and I normally did not use much of the commercial products for cleaning around the house. I was alwayss looking for products with so many chemicals; because after cleaning with them, I would end up with an allergy/asthma attack. I have to tell you that I enjoy cleaning with the products I got from Helyn's Cleaning Solutions.

Thank you for your time and energy in making this happen!

Dear Deb:
Coming home tonight to your delicious foods helped to wake me up and recognize how very fortunate I am to have found you. The veggies are 1000 times better and similar to what I remember as a child when my aunt did some organic farming and had us pick our veggies and fruits just before dinner. It’s a shame more people cannot eat the way we are meant to eat.

Thanks again,

Dear Deb:
I made some delicious green soup with the greens, potatoes and onions - all the produce I bought from you! I had the soup with the bread I bought from you too. I just love this and I'm finding I don't go to the big store now -and don't really need some of the junk I was buying! This is great!

Take care,

CTFFE makes supporting our local economy easy. The products are of the highest quality, delivered fresh every week. The produce lasts longer then those purchased in the grocery store.

Thanks, Zoe

We have enjoyed the greens so much! your service really made a great difference to us. My wife says she regularly munches on the greens like potato chips.

Thank you for doing this,

Hi! I read about your business in the Shore View and what an awesome service! Since moving to CT (Guilford) a year ago and reading more and more about CSA’s that have delivery I tried to find something like this locally, but cam up empty. I was so happy to see this article in the paper and know that someone cares enough to offer delivery of fresh, locally grown food items. Being new to the area I’m also happy to see links on your website of local farms, etc. that we could possibly visit. I’m excited to see what you have to offer and again, thanks for such a great service!


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