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Exciting Bonuses on Slot Machines

First off, we want to instantly rule out virtually all machines that aren’t Vegas-style (Class III) slots from this exercise because the bonuses are fixed.

Historic racing Machines: Similarly, since the result of the payout is decided by the race that’s selected and played out, the bonus is already determined since the ultimate payout is already decided.

Picking bonuses that don’t show the opposite outcomes can be expected within the 88 Fortunes-type machines where you choose a progressive example and there are also free coin master spins which you’ll truly enjoy.

 When It’s Likely Not Predetermined

A few areas where bonuses likely play out with the RNG running rather like a real bonus:

Games where the unpicked options reveal

The counterpart to the above, if you see the opposite choices, it’s likely not predetermined. I’ve got seen some samples of games where you’ll tell things are weighted progressives but play out like they’re not, like Everi’s “Smokin’ Hot Stuff Wicked Wheel.” It shows three of everything as pickable but based on the slot channel gameplay shared, it’s a weighted progressive pick like all of them.

 Free Spins Bonuses

Generally speaking, free spin bonuses on RNG-driven machines will play out using the RNG; you’ll generally see something like “Bonus Reels in Play” on the device to substantiate this. This permits the manufacturer to use bonus reels to work out if a bonus should have different outcomes to be possible, sort of a more frequent progressive or better line hits, as an example.

Since some jurisdictions require a visible difference once you have bonus reels, this can be why you a lot of time see different backgrounds, reel symbol differences (like the words Free Games on old Quick Hit machines during a bonus), and other visual signs that something’s happened.

Generally, the subsequent spin is set in free spins when the last reel is fully resolved. So speeding the sport along does change the timing (and outcome) of the subsequent spin.

 Bonus Volatility Choice Machines

RNG-driven games that permit you to select the bonus type, like bonus volatility or credits vs. spins like on Konami games, likely don’t know either outcome until you create your choice (and within the case of spins, until each spin resolves). Since you’ll be able to constantly switch from spins to credits on Konami, for example, the RNG wouldn’t be hit for an outcome until you confirm you would like a credit prize. So that bonus wouldn’t be predetermined because it is triggered by user choice.

 Spinning the Wheel

On games like Wheel of Fortune, the wheel spin amount is determined after hitting the button.

 Does it Matter?

The fact is that RNG-based games use math and, therefore, the paytables to work out what a game pays overtime, including during a bonus. A predetermined bonus pays a specific amount over time. We can’t know what changing our timing will honestly do on an RNG machine as a player.

As such, you know whether it’s predetermined or not makes it a mental exercise, another superstition for slot players to induce excitement about. Within the future, presuming you’ve got two machines with identical payback and one is an RNG-driven bonus, and one predetermined, you’ll get the exact revenge within the future.