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WFS - Salmon Burgers - Flavored (2 burger per pack) Fresh-Frozen

WFS - Salmon Burgers - Flavored  (2 burger per pack) Fresh-Frozen WFS - Salmon Burgers - Flavored  (2 burger per pack) Fresh-Frozen
Wild for Salmon - Flavored Salmon Burgers (2 burger per pack) Fresh-Frozen

Available in 3 flavors Each package has 2 burgers at about 4 oz each

Feta/Dill: Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Raw Organic Cow Feta Cheese, Dill, Sea Salt, Pepper 170 calories per 4 oz serving
Garden: Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Course Sea Salt, Tomato Flakes, Black Pepper, Garlic Flakes, Minced Onions, Red Bell Pepper, Shallots, Dried Thyme, Basil 130 calories per 4 oz serving
Spicy: Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon, Sea Salt, Cayenne Pepper, Fennel Paprika

Wild For Salmon is a fishermen owned business that makes fresh/frozen wild Alaskan sockeye salmon available to you at a common good price. Because we are the fishermen and we are local, we are able to provide you with the highest quality, flash/frozen, Alaskan sockeye available. Wild For Salmon is owned and operated by Steve and Jenn Kurian of Bloomsburg, PA.

Wild For Salmon began as only an adventurous trip to Alaska in 2002 to do some commercial salmon fishing with a friend. Following our first fishing excursion, we arrived home with 2 coolers of salmon for our friends and family. This is when we quickly realized the uniqueness of the product and the possibilities that lie ahead. We have grown to serve individuals, buying clubs, local farm markets, restaurants, and health food stores. 

June and July are busy months on the boat. The fishing season lasts approximately 5-7 weeks. Steve is the skipper of our 32" boat, while Jenn, the first mate, and two other local men are deckhands. While on the boat, we listen to the radio to hear the official fishing periods. As we catch the salmon they are kept in refrigerated holds, making sure the quality is preserved. On average, every 10 hours we offload our fish onto a larger crab boat which takes the fish in for processing. It is quickly filleted, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed to capture the "direct from the boat" flavor. After fishing, the salmon is sent back to PA where we sell the salmon at local farm markets and other venues.
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  • Feta and Dill Salmon Burger
  • Spicy Salmon Burger
  • Garden Style Salmon Burger
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