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Bright Acres Farm
Bright Acres Farm: Our maple syrup is made in the Quiet Corner town of Hampton, Connecticut. It all began in the 1980's with a kid boiling sap in foil roasting pans over a 55 gallon drum stove in the back yard. The process evolved through several homemade evaporators, to an antique Grimm evaporator in an old wood shed. In 2011, we built a post and beam sugar house and installed a new state of the art, energy efficient Leader Evaporator.

While we may be operating with the most to date technology, it still takes a lot of old fashioned hard work to produce maple syrup. Thankfully, our good friends, family and neighbors are always willing to lend a helping hand.

The tradition of making maple syrup began when Native Americans cut maples and collected sap. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup in a good year. Like fine wine the taste of syrup varies from one geographical location to another.

We hope you take pleasure in this local, sustainable, all natural product make from the bounty of the land. And remember, syrup isn't just for breakfast anymore!
Daybreak Coffee Logo
Daybreak Coffee Roasters has been roasting the finest Arabica coffees for its loyal customers since 1989. Every decision we make from coffee selection process, choosing organic coffees, Fair Trade coffees and single estate coffees, to our unique craft coffee roasting is about the taste of the coffee.
High Hill Orchard Logo
High Hill Orchards: We are a local family farm offering apples, pears, fresh cider, pumpkins, vegetables, flowers and herbs in the Fall. We also offer boxes of fruit, vegetables and fresh cider in the winter. We invite you to come visit us and taste the difference of our high quality products.

What makes us different?

High Hill Orchard's growing methods support the health of plants without endangering the soil they grow in or the people who eat them. In order to produce the tastiest, highest-quality foods, we cultivate our farm in a manner which works with Nature to produce the highest nutrient dense produce possible using naturally occuring minerals from ground and sea supplements.
Hosmer Mountain Logo
Hosmer Mountain Beverages: Hosmer Mountain Bottling Co. was purchased in 1958 by Arthur J. Potvin from Mrs. Fred Meyer, whose husband had passed away the previous summer.

The Potvin’s then became the fourth family to run Hosmer. With the help of his wife and two eldest sons: Bill and John, Arthur began the arduous tasks that make the soda business a difficult one. He worked hard at keeping the machinery operational and the trucks on the road, blending the soda varieties, and keeping the customer happy. He learned how to make good soda with the help of a salesman and through trial and error.

All soda was made with bagged sugar in those days and dry ice was converted to gaseous CO2 for the carbonation. All cases were wooden and bottles were all heavy refillable glass bottles. Two more sons, Andrew and Chuck, joined the operation in the late 60’s.

Early changes included getting a company logo (the shield that is still used today) and going to reusable fiber cases. However, the use of glass bottles has remained constant. Many of the same flavors are still available today along with the addition of diet beverages, seltzer water, and some new trendy drinks.
Kettlepot Soap Logo
Kettlepot Soap We are now offering curing soaps for sale on pre-order. We are a very small, woman-owned company and we greatly appreciate your business. We know that there are many places to buy handmade bath products and we are happy that you chose KPS. Our line of artisan products are designed and crafted to meet all of your skin care needs.

~ Pam

La Bonta Logo
La Bonta di Fiesole: Here is the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Italy! This is your site for fine artisan-quality extra virgin olive oil, grown, pressed and bottled in Tuscany. La Bontá di Fiesole means "The Goodness of Fiesole"--Fiesole is an ancient town lying just outside of Florence, Italy--and this delicious gourmet extra virgin olive oil is made the old-fashioned way, using entirely traditional methods.
Taken from the first cold pressing and left unfiltered in order to preserve its full body, La Bontá di Fiesole extra virgin olive oil is painstakingly produced in tiny quantities from olive varieties native to Tuscany: the frantoio, the morellino, the pendolino, the morchiaiolo, the leccino. Our olive groves are centuries old, and our trees are hand-cultivated on steep slopes in the foothills of the central Italian Appenines.

This boutique extra virgin olive oil has what lovers of highest quality Italian olive oil are looking for: an intense aroma, a rich green color with glints of gold, a luscious body, a piquant flavor. Creamy in the front of the mouth and spicy as you swallow, La Bontá di Fiesole is Tuscan in style, the kind of great tasting and intensely fragrant extra virgin olive oil that is famous around the world.
Liussi Cheese Logo
Liuzzi Cheese: Puglia, Bari, Alberobello-enchanting names given to a southern Adriatic region of Italy; a place of beauty and vitality, blessed by the sun and Mediterranean ocean breezes. Inhabited for millennia, this region of Italy thrives with agricultural abundance and proud, hard-working, self reliant people such as the Liuzzi family.

The founders of our company, Pasquale and Nick Liuzzi, came to this country thirty-nine years ago. They had a dream to establish their own enterprise, producing premium quality cheeses and fine foods, reminiscent of those made by the Liuzzi family for five generations.
Maid Organic Logo
Maid Organic LLC: I was raised with using only all-natural cleaning products, due to a brother with severe allergies. My mother instilled the importance of eating organic and all-natural foods as well as using all-natural products to promote a healthy body and a healthy home.

I decided to start an all-natural cleaning business not only because I love cleaning, but because I really care about the well-being of my clients as well as the environment.

As a wife, sister, daughter, and friend, I am committed to helping change our environment for the better one home at a time.
Salento Garlic Logo
Salento Farm: Patrick Salvati and Dorothy DeMarco have always enjoyed cooking for family and friends. They combine fresh from their farm veggies with imported ingredients and their own special culinary touch to recreate hearty and healthy foods. Now, Salento Farm is proud to bring these delectable tastes to your table.

Stone Wall Apiary Logo
Stonewall Apiary: Stonewall Apiary is a family-owned apiary based in Hanover, Connecticut. We keep approximately 200 honeybee colonies in the eastern Connecticut area. We focus on the health of our bees, knowing that healthy honeybees are better producers than unhealthy ones. We sell honey, creamed honey, comb honey and chunk honey in various sizes. In addition, we also have honey and beeswax products such as honey butter, beeswax candles, beeswax wood polish and an exfoliating honey sugar scrub.
Sweet Sage Bakery
Sweet Sage Bakery: Kathy Duffy, sole proprietor of Sweet Sage Bakery, makes handcrafted artisan breads from the finest organic flours locally available. The vast majority of her breads are made with her own natural starter (organic wheat flour and water) , thereby eliminating the need to use commercial yeast. Most of her breads are made with only three ingredients: Organic flour, well water and salt. Most of her breads typically take two days to make, as a slow fermentation process creates a final loaf with greater texture and superior flavor. Other fine baked goods made at Sweet Sage Bakery include a variety of fruit scones, muffins, including the very popular morning glory (similar to carrot cake), and rich and decadent bars.

The Bridge Logo
The Bridge is notable for many reasons.

The first ingredient in all our products is unsurpassed quality. Each is made from outstanding ingredients in a richly restored tradition; slowly by hand, fresh to order, by people — not machines.

When you eat products made by The Bridge you'll notice they taste different than others you may have tried. They possess a remarkable and delicious depth of flavor. There is a difference in how you feel as well, because all of the food we make is alive. That is the most important thing we do.

All of us at The Bridge are very proud of our products. We feel they are truly superior. Once you had our tofu, tofu salad, seitan and amasake we are confident you will agree.
Victory Dog Food Logo

Just clean, all-natural food!

Victory Dog Food is a natural, hand-made, raw food designed to bring your pet into optimal health.

Victory Dog Food meals are made with premium human-grade USDA inspected raw meats, bone, and fresh vegetables. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and our meals are produced in-house. We use no imported ingredients.

Victory Dog Food® meals are conveniently freezer packaged and can be delivered to your home or office. There are no by-products, fillers, or preservatives. We use only the freshest ingredients available.

Many conditions in dogs, such as digestive issues, skin problems, arthritis, and premature aging, can be linked to poor nutrition. Try Victory's raw dog food for a month and you won't believe the changes in your pet!
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