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Our Fabulous Connecticut Farms

We support many methods of farming. Many of our farms are Certified Organic and are marked as such with a category all their own. There also are farms that go with the Farmers Pledge: The Farmer’s Pledge is a commitment to farming, marketing and farm management in accordance with sound ecological and economic principles. It is separate and distinct from “Certified Organic.” There is no inspection process for these farmers, but they have signed the Pledge to show their commitment to its principles. CT NOFA administers the Farmer’s Pledge program in Connecticut.

Farmers also classify themselves as “ organically grown”. You will find farmers that use terms like “nutrient dense, ecologically grown, grown organically, or naturally grown” these are terms to allow you to understand how they grow their crops. It means the farmers grow crops in an organic method, just like the certified guys, using practices passed down from one generation to the next. Natural fertilizers, organic methods of pest control and lots of hard work and dedication.

Something else you’ll see with the fruit farmers: IPM Integrated Pest Management. This means that they won’t spray the fruit trees unless it is absolutely necessary. If they find an issue with their crop, they discuss options with the Department of Agriculture and together they work to manage the pest before it invades the whole orchard. Ecologically Grown means that this farm has chosen to control the soil so the trees are healthy and can fight off pests on their own. Low-spray means they are using a herbicide to control the pests before the tree blossoms so the fruit is not sprayed at all.

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Baldwin Brook Farm: Baldwin Brook Farm, LLC is a raw milk dairy farm that is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Agriculture and is located in the town of Canterbury. The farm is owned and operated by the Newton family.

In November 2004, Chris and Mavis purchased their first Jersey milk cow named Bambi. Today, Baldwin Brook Farm milks all Jersey cows. The cows are a pastured dairy herd and are rotated daily to new paddocks of green pasture from mid May through late October. During the winter months the cows eat primarily dry baled hay and are allowed outside at all times, unless severe weather makes it unsafe.
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Beckett Farm: The Beckett family started farming in Glastonbury, Connecticut, in 1973, when Chip’s father bought the Old Cider Mill to keep it from being developed into condominiums after the original condo sale fell thru. Chip worked during off times in college and vet school until 1982, and returned to Glastonbury in 1983 to start his own practice and help out with the farm. In 1985, he bought the farm next door to build the veterinary clinic, Beckett and Associates, and add the acreage to the Cider Mill property. Originally, we sold most things to the Cider Mill, along with wholesalers in Hartford.
Belltown Hill Orchard Logo
Belltown Hill Orchards: Belltown Hill Orchards is a working fourth generation farm nestled in the scenic rolling hills of South Glastonbury, CT. We invite you to visit us and join in the harvest and bounty of our diverse fruit orchards.

The season begins in the spring with strawberries and sweet cherries and continues through fall and early winter with apples, pumpkins and pre-cut Christmas trees. You will enjoy the unique shopping experience where old time service is an everyday treat. We also welcome you to enjoy the beauty of our orchards while visiting our Pick-Your-Own fields from mid June to late October.
Botticellow Farms
Welcome to Botticello Farms. Botticello Farms is a Family owned farm who caters to both the wholesale and retail customer. We purchased from them seasonally. May-October

In operation, since 1973, we are the last operating farm located in Manchester Connecticut. Our logo," WE GROW OUR OWN" underscores our philosophy. Because we grow what we sell, we offer you the highest quality product available on the market.
Brown’s Harvest: We begin our season in May with 5 acres of asparagus.

In Spring and Summer we have fresh vegetables, strawberries, blueberries, and flowers available as well as ice cream, local honey and baked goods.
Cato Corner Farm
Cato Corner Farm: Cato Corner Farm is a small family farm in Colchester, Connecticut, where the mother-son team of Elizabeth and Mark raises 40 free-range Jersey cows without the use of hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics.

From our cows' raw milk, we hand make a dozen styles of aged farmhouse cheese ranging from mild and milky to runny and pungent to sharp and firm.

We make all of our cheese by hand with raw milk from our 40 cows, mostly Jerseys, on our small Connecticut farm. We never use growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics, or animal-based feeds, and our cows graze freely so that they have happy lives with a rich diet of fresh pasture grasses.
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Cecarelli Farm: Family Owned For Over 100 Years!

It was more than century ago — 1912 to be precise — that my grandfather Frank Cecarelli came over from Italy in search of his American Dream. He settled here in Connecticut and purchased the first piece of land that began our family business known as Cecarelli Farms. Three generations later, Nelson Cecarelli (that’s me) and my family continue to work the land, cooperating with the Earth to create some of the brightest, best-tasting produce you’ll ever taste from right here in the rolling hills of Northford, Connecticut.

A thriving part of Connecticut’s rich farming heritage, Cecarelli Farms is focused on traditional farming methods that keep the land as healthy as we keep our produce.
Clatter Ridge Farm
Clatter Ridge Farm is committed to sustainable agriculture, permaculture, animal welfare, content customers and happy farmers. We rotationally graze our sheep, pigs and chickens through pastures and forest. Our sheep are pasture raised and grass fed. The only grain they eat is what they manage to steal from the pigs (and stealing from pigs is not easy to do). The pigs spend their days foraging in the forest and consuming any number of pig delicacies. Their diet is supplemented in the winter with grain and hay.
Cugno’s Farm: Certified Organic, A small family farm striving to produce high quality, nutrient dense certified organic produce, along with forest raised pork and pasture raised chicken.
Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm
Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm: Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm is a family farm owned and operated by the Hermonot Family.

We’ve had a family tradition of raising everything that is served on our Thanksgiving table. Of course, that starts with the turkey. In 1998, we raised 15 turkeys for family and friends. We have grown to 2,00 pasture-raised turkeys today. We are now the largest grower of pasture rasied turkeys in Connecticut!
Farm Dog Organic Microgreens: We started our farm because we wanted to provide our customers with great food that supports a wholesome healthy lifestyle.

Our farm is our passion. We love eating healthy and enjoy good food. Like us, our customers live busy lives and usually don't have extra time to make a wholesome meal but still wish to maintain a healthy diet. That's why it's so easy to grab our microgreens and put them in your sandwich, on top of soup, or to eat as a salad. The possibilities are truly endless with Farm Dog organic microgreens.
Fat Stone Farm
Fat Stone Farm: Fat Stone Farm is a small, certiied organic, diverse farm located in Lyme, Connecticut.

Bill and Liz Farrell started Fat Stone Farm first for their own health and community building efforts. “Eat food from the dirt, not the lab”™ became their mantra as they raised more and more of their own food. The farm then focused on nature’s sweetener: maple syrup. Their syrup became Certified Organic in 2015. Fat Stone Farm taps over 2,000 maple trees in Lyme and East Haddam.

Elderberries planted years ago thrived from the farm’s “perched water table,” so Bill and Liz developed a recipe for elderberry-apple syrup, an old-time pairing of two farm products grown here in Connecticut. Elderberry-Apple Syrup is a dynamic food with many uses, and many health benefits. Since 2013, over 40 medical studies have been published about elderberries, examining topics such as flu symptoms, cholesterol, blood sugar, and obesity.
Fire Fly Farms
Firefly Farms: Firefly Farms is a son and mother production with help from father/husband in the office and two marvelous employees, father and daughter. We are committed to saving genetic diversity in farm livestock. We humanely raise rare and endangered heritage breeds of pigs, cattle and chickens in North Stonington, CT.

Randall Lineback cattle, an old Vermont landrace breed, is pasture raised on grass for beef and rose veal. Our Mulefoot Hogs, Guinea Hogs, Red Wattle and Heritage mixes are raised for their exceptional deeply flavored meat. Some are on an organic diet, others on our custom blend soy free diet. Our chickens, at present, are Rhode Island Reds and Dorkings (domesticated for thousands of years). We also raise production birds on pasture and organic soy free feed.

All of our meats get consistent high marks for flavor from our customers, both retail and restaurants. . We use old world finishing techniques to add even more depth to the flavors. As we use no or little nitrates in our smoked meats, the real meat flavor comes through, not just salt. We often have organs and fats not widely available.
Fish Family Farm
Fish Family Farm: At the Fish Family Farm Dairy Store we pasteurize and bottle our milk in old fashioned glass bottles. We make our ice cream and farmer's cheese from our Jersey Cows, which were born on the property.
Four Root Farms
Four Root Farm: Four Root Farm a small and highly diversified Certified Organic vegetable and cut flower farm in East Haddam, CT. The harvests this season will include tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, salad greens, sugar snap peas, garlic, kale, chard, herbs, eggplants, green beans, radishes, turnips, beets, hot and sweet peppers, and an epic array of cut flowers. As a Certified Organic farm all of our produce is grown using the most sustainable methods possible and without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our farm family is Rachel Berg, Elise Cusano, Caitlin Taylor, and Aaron Taylor.
Forest City Farms
Forest City Farms: Forest City Farms is a small local organic farm located in the Central Connecticut river valley. We are focused on contributing to the local sustainable food community in which we live. On the farm we grow a wide variety of heirloom produce and culinary herbs that are sold at farmers markets and distributed in local CSA farm shares.
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Gilberties Petite Edibles: From their modest beginning in Westport, Connecticut as a cut-flower business established in 1922, Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens still remains a family business.  More than 90 years later, Sal Gilbertie and his family are still providing fine, organic herb plants known across the country.
Everything is grown at Gilbertie’s organic wholesale location in Easton, Connecticut. The farm greenhouses supply the warm environment for winter seedlings as well as a wide variety of microgreens and vegetables available year-round. 
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Green Thumb Farm: Green Thumb Farms has been farming in Western Maine since 1965. Working on over 2200 acres of rich Saco River Valley soil has firmly established our reputation for quality potatoes, turf, dry beans and corn. Our third generation family farm strives to preserve Maine’s open spaces and agricultural heritage.
Hastings Farm
Hastings Farm: Hastings Farm is a multi generational dairy farm located in Suffield Ct. Our dairy farm began when our great grandfather diversified the family's tobacco farm by adding a small dairy herd. Our grandfather and father expanded the dairy farm to where it is today. My sister and I are carrying on the family tradition while trying to make it our own.

Hay House
Hay House: Hay House - Situated in Old Saybrook, Hay House Farm is an organic farm owned and operated by Artist David Brown. They offer vegetables and produce of all kinds as well as flowers and herbs.
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High Hill Orchards: We are a local family farm offering apples, pears, fresh cider, pumpkins, vegetables, flowers and herbs in the Fall. We also offer boxes of fruit, vegetables and fresh cider in the winter. We invite you to come visit us and taste the difference of our high quality products.

What makes us different?

High Hill Orchard's growing methods support the health of plants without endangering the soil they grow in or the people who eat them. In order to produce the tastiest, highest-quality foods, we cultivate our farm in a manner which works with Nature to produce the highest nutrient dense produce possible using naturally occuring minerals from ground and sea supplements.
Hilltop Acres
Hilltop Acres Farm: Located in Moodus. Certified organic farm, they grow vegetables, raise chickens for eggs.
Himmelstein Homestead
Himmelstein Homestead Farm: Himmelstein Homestead Farm has been in the family for 100 years, since Lewis and Dora Himmelstein bought 155 acres of the land.

The land has been farmed since 1820, Himmelstein said. At its height, the farm included about 300 acres, he said. He now owns 150 acres and has preserved the land through the state.
Hooting Owl Farm:
Hooting Owl Farm located in East Haddam, Connecticut was established in 2003. Here at Hooting Owl Farm, we believe in self-sustainability and sharing our farm raised food with our local community. Meet our pigs, chickens, rabbits & horses.
Long River Farm
Long River Farm: Long River Farm in Old Lyme offers hydroponically grown local produce using no pesticides or chemicals, and purest high-quality natural nutrients available.

Veteran-owned and staffed, Long River Farm grows in eco-conscious solar heated greenhouses to provide year-round produce to the local communities of the Connecticut River Valley.
Lyman Orchard
Lyman Orchards: Owned and operated by the Lyman Family since 1741, Lyman Orchards is recognized as the ninth oldest family-owned business in America. Now in its eighth generation, the family business continues to grow and evolve while maintaining a steadfast commitment to preserving the land for future generations.

We use a combination of old farming methods and leading-edge technologies to grow fruit in ways that preserve the ecology of our orchard, focusing upon the use of natural methods and minimal spray.As an Eco-Apple grower, we follow a strict standard of advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM), favoring naturally occurring controls to produce fruit of exceptional flavor and quality. Our farm is inspected and certified by the IPM Institute of North America.
Maple Lane Farms
Maple Lane Farms: What was once a pasture for dairy cows, Maple Lane Farms has been cultivated into a farm for all seasons and for all ages. Since 1978, this 120-acres farm has evolved from 2 acres of Cut Your Own Christmas trees into a farm ripe with Pick Your Own blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins and apples. We strive to give our customers the very best quality and service. Expansion of the farm included building a greenhouse that produces butterhead lettuce all year long.
Millington Beefalo Farm
Millington Beefalo Farm: Beefalo is a cross between domestic cows and the North American bison. A Fullblood Beefalo contains 3/8 Bison. The minimum percentage required to designate cattle as Beefalo is 3/16 or 19% Bison.

Beefalo even meets the dietary recommendations of the American Heart Association.

Buffalo meat is often favored for its leanness, but grass-fed beef has nutritional necessities like CLA and Omega-3 fats. Well, grass-fed beefalo might just be the best of both worlds: It has less fat, cholesterol and calories than regular beef or buffalo, but is higher in protien, contains more of minerals like calcium, iron and potassium, and is the only red meat shown to lower LDL.

Beefalo is the only red meat that has been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol through a university study and published in the AMA Journal. There was a significant drop of 15 points when high cholesterol men ate beefalo compared to eating beef in just 30 days. Central Washington University tested the fat in beefalo to see why there was such a dramatic drop. hey found that beefalo had only 1/3 the palmitic acid contend (known to increase LDL) that beef has.

Beefalo has up to four times less fat and six times less cholesterol than beef. It is even lower in cholesterol than most fish and much lower than chicken. Beefalo has nearly 1/2 the cholesterol level of buffalo.

Our beefalo are 100% natural with no hormones, antibiotics or steroids, and raised on an all natural, grass fed diet and grain fed once a week to bring them in.
New England Grass Fed
New England Grass Fed: We are dedicated to producing the finest 100% grass fed beef, pork and rabbit with the help of our local grazing partners. Our animals are raised with respect and grown to their highest potential. We accept the gift of their lives with gratitude. Farms are all over New England.
Oxen Hill Farm
Oxen Hill Farm: The 28 certified organic acres Suffield farm that we use for the majority of our production has been in our family since the mid 1800s, when the ancestors of Carol (Biggerstaff) Griffin emigrated to the United States from Northern Ireland.

The East Granby farm location that we use for production was originally part of a royal grant of land from the Prince of Wales, awarded to Sgt. John Griffin in 1647. It has remained in the Griffin family and is now operated by the 11th generation.
Pach Farm: A family owned and operated farm in East Haddam. Cows are mostly grass-fed and roam on many acres of grassy fields.
Penfield Farm
Penfield Farm: Penfield Farm is a family owned farm that has been in operation for over 150 years. We are now open to the public for sales of our pasture raised meats.
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Perfect 10 Farm: Perfect 10 is a farm located in East Haddam. Farmer Emily raises free-range chickens for eggs and grows herbs and vegetables.
Smith Far
Smith Farm: Smith Farm is a non-certified organic farm raising vegetables, herbs, flowers and a few orchard fruits. We are located in East Haddam, Ct..

The farm is operated by Adult Vocational Program Inc. a non profit agency committed to providing the highest quality day service to people with developmental disabilities and other challenges, who supply the labor. A.V.P. Inc is a division of Brain House Inc. of Chester. The produce is supplied to our Brian House Inc. community and we are happy to share our surplus with the local community. Our participants take pride in helping in all aspects of the garden from growing the plants in our greenhouse and planting them and maintaining them in our garden and picking and packing produce.
Buy CT Grown Logo
Still River Farm: Still River Farm is a relatively new enterprise offering certified naturally grown wheat flour grown here in Coventry Connecticut and stone milled in Rhode island. We are currently diversifying into corn meal and possibly some gluten free products. Currently we offer bulk quantities of 50lb bags.
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Stanton-Davis Farm: This farm grows flint corn and grinds it for Johnny Cake or Polenta

“Flint corn is as heirloom as it gets,” he says. “This ancient corn has been grown for 1,000 years, we got it from the Indians.” As kernels were placed in the palms of ancestors on the farm, Davis has given seed corn back to replenish what was lost to tribes such as Mohegan, Mashpee Wampanoag, Chappaquiddick Wampanoag, Ojibway in Michigan, Navajo.
Tobacco Road Farm
Tobacco Road Farm is located in Lebanon. Fallow land was rejuvenated over twenty years ago and there has never been pesticides of any nature, organic or synthetic applied to the land. Soil fertility is of primary importance to disease and insect resistance and full attention is paid to maintaining the soil in top condition. These practices result in highly nutritious and delicious farm products.