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SOL - Bath + Body Wash (16 oz.)

SOL - Bath + Body Wash (16 oz.) SOL - Bath + Body Wash (16 oz.)
Solavedi Organics - bath + body wash (16 oz.) is it soap or is that the liquid light of prana cascading over your celestial body?
Either way, you can take these beautiful infusions of floral, herbal and botanical goodness into the shower as a body wash, into the bath as a soak, by the sink as a hand soap, in with the laundry for lovely fresh clothes.

7 different hydrating, purifying, lightly lathering, no-residue, head-to-toe cleansers to choose from:
P U R I F Y I N G D E T O X - DESCRIPTION: cellular astringent + respiratory opener spring cleanse? autumn detox? yes, this
KEY AROMATHERAPY NOTES: rosemary, mint, cloves, lemon
R OS E M A N D A R I N - DESCRIPTION: scintillating, uplifting, aphrodisiac cleanser for whole body KEY AROMATHERAPY NOTES: rose, mandarin red orange, coriander, lavender
R E LA X I N G - DESCRIPTION: soothing, transporting, refreshing bath soak, shower wash, hand soap KEY AROMATHERAPY NOTES: lavender, lemon verbena
T E A - DESCRIPTION: green, herbaceaous, clean feeling anti oxidant body wash, hand soap, shower gel KEY AROMATHERAPY NOTES:white tea, tannins, lemon citrus
C O L D + F L U - DESCRIPTION: therapeutic bath remedy for aches + pains and respiratory congestion KEY AROMATHERAPY NOTES: eucalyptus, oranges
B L I S S - DESCRIPTION: need we say more? Bliss has a scent. This is it. KEY AROMATHERAPY NOTES: jasmine + grapefruit
UNSCENTED BABY WASH - DESCRIPTION: pure + clear + simple
Product #1089
Price: $21.00

Choose Scent:
  • Rose Mandarine
  • Bliss Bath
  • Relax Bath
  • Cold + Flu Bath
  • Detox Bath
  • Tea Bath
  • Unscented Baby Bath
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