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FAT - Maple Syrup (250 ml) Certified Organic

FAT - Maple Syrup (250 ml) Certified Organic FAT - Maple Syrup (250 ml) Certified Organic
Fat Stone Farm - Connecticut Specialty Food Association Award Winning Grade A Maple Syrup - Certified Organic (250 ml - approximately 8.45 oz) Choose Dark or Amber
Amber: nutty undertones and a medium syrup color (pictured above)
Hint of flavor comes purely from the timing of the sap flows, nothing is added to the syrup.
Fat Stone Farm is a small, ecologically diverse farm that produces certified organic maple syrup. Based in Lyme, Connecticut, Bill and Liz Farrell homestead on land once occupied by cows and sheep one hundred years ago that now gives way to fruits, vegetables, many kinds of farm animals (including honey bees) and maple syrup!. Now one of the top 5 maple syrup producers in CT, our syrup is 100% produced here in Connecticut and is certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. The beautiful glass bottles make our syrup a classy addition to any kitchen or dining table. We follow CT-NOFA's (Northeast Organic Farming Association of CT) "farmer's pledge" for our vegetable and fruit selections.
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