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All of our farms oppose Contained Animal Farming Operations (CAFO) and are doing their part to provide a fresh and healthy product for our customers.

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FDOG - Microgreens - Choose Variety (1.2/2 oz )

FDOG - Microgreens - Choose Variety  (1.2/2 oz ) FDOG - Microgreens - Choose Variety  (1.2/2 oz )
Farm Dog Microgreens - Microgreens, you choose! (1.2 / 2 oz container)

Soil grown, all natural, no preservatives, 100% recyclable clamshells. Part of our proceeds will go to an animal shelter.

Welcome to Farm Dog Organic Microgreens. We are a small microgreens farm located in Hamden, Connecticut. We are excited to share our microgreens with the rest of the world. We take pride in our work and strive to provide our customers with the best microgreens, in order to feed their bodies the healthy goodness they need. We started our farm because we wanted to provide our customers with great food, that supports a wholesome healthy lifestyle. Our farm is our passion. We love eating healthy and enjoy good food. Like us, our customers live busy lives and most times don't have extra time to make a wholesome meal but still wish to maintain a healthy diet. That's why it's so easy to grab our microgreens and put them in your sandwich, on top of soup, or to eat as a salad. The possibilities are truly endless with Farm Dog organic Microgreens.
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  • Radish Microgreens
  • Pea Tendrils Microgreens
  • Buckwheet Microgreens
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