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EKONK - Turkey Pie (40 oz - serves 5) Pasture Raised

EKONK - Turkey Pie (40 oz - serves 5) Pasture Raised EKONK - Turkey Pie (40 oz - serves 5) Pasture Raised
Ekonk Hill Turkey Farms pasture raised turkey in their homemade turkey pie! 3 sizes to choose from

Nothing but white and dark turkey meat, gravy, and topped with a flakey crust. You won't be disappointed with this wholesome dinner for you and your family. Available in 40 oz (serves 5), 28 oz (serves 3), and 14 oz (serves 1-2). Ingredients: Cooked white and dark turkey meat, turkey stock, flour, cornstarch, salt, pepper, parsley. Crust: All purpose flour, butter, shortening, milk, salt.

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farms own pasture raised turkey. Raised and processed on their farm in Sterling, CT - without the use of growth stimulants. The turkeys live outside on free-range with full access to grass, bugs, and sunshine; just the way they should. All products are grown, processed, and packaged on our family farm, Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, in Sterling, Conn. With all items, we come as close as possible to any requested sizes. All products are frozen.
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