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All of our farms oppose Contained Animal Farming Operations (CAFO) and are doing their part to provide a fresh and healthy product for our customers.

Locally Grown

Many of our farms are certified organic and raise a variety of organic vegetables, organic herbs and organic berries.

MBF - Beefalo - Stew Meat (priced per lb.) Grass-fed

MBF - Beefalo - Stew Meat (priced per lb.) Grass-fed MBF - Beefalo - Stew Meat (priced per lb.) Grass-fed
Millington Beefalo Farm - Stew Meat (priced per lb.)Local Grass-Fed Beefalo

Beefalo "The Better Beef" is a cross between domestic cows and the North American Bison. A fullblood Beefalo contains 3/8 Bison. The minimum percentage required to designate cattle as Beefalo is 3/16 or 19% Bison. Beefalo are fertile animals.

Beefalo even meets the dietary recommendations of the American Heart Association.
Beef - T-Bone Steak 230 calories, 12 grams fat, 91 mg cholesterol 
compared to Beefalo: 111 calories, 3 grams of fat, 13 mg cholesterol.

*Note: Meat weights are not exact! We will try to come as close to your requested weight as possible! Order per piece - we price per pound, the product is weighed at the farm and the balance of the weight is your responsibility, we can recharge your credit card if it's over $5 or you can pay the driver with cash or a check
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