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All of our farms oppose Contained Animal Farming Operations (CAFO) and are doing their part to provide a fresh and healthy product for our customers.

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Many of our farms are certified organic and raise a variety of organic vegetables, organic herbs and organic berries.

HARV - Holy Kale Ceasar (approx. 14oz Grab + Go Salad)

HARV - Holy Kale Ceasar (approx. 14oz Grab + Go Salad) HARV - Holy Kale Ceasar (approx. 14oz Grab + Go Salad)
Corner Harvest - Holy Kale Ceasar (approx. 14oz Grab + Go Salad)

The jars are 4 1/8" high x 3 5/8" wide
Our house-made caesar dressing pairs perfectly with the kale and chickpeas—plus, the brussels sprouts add a nice crunch!
This salad is gluten-free and an excellent source of calcium and vitamin A and C! 
chickpeas with dukkah seasoning, brussels sprouts, free-range grilled chicken, kale leaves, grated parmesan, house-made caesar dressing
Serving Size: 1 Container, 363g. Calories: 300 (salad), 110 (dressing); Protein: 30g; Total Fat: 12g (15%); Saturated Fat: 6g (30%); Trans Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 105mg (35%); Sodium: 640mg (28%); Total Carbohydrate: 18g (7%); Dietary Fiber: 4g (14%); Sugars: 1g.

Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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