Animal Friendly

All of our farms oppose Contained Animal Farming Operations (CAFO) and are doing their part to provide a fresh and healthy product for our customers.

Locally Grown

Many of our farms are certified organic and raise a variety of organic vegetables, organic herbs and organic berries.

BDG - Tofu 15 oz. (per case) Certified Organic, No GMO

BDG - Tofu 15 oz. (per case) Certified Organic, No GMO BDG - Tofu 15 oz. (per case) Certified Organic, No GMO
Tofu 15 oz. (per case) - Certified Organic, No GMO 12 blocks of tofu per case, individually wrapped

The Bridge Tofu is created from organic soybeans and sea sea salt. These two ingredients combine to create an edible soy cake. Soy Curd has a mild but distinctive flavor, and allows for extreme versatility in the kitchen. Extra firm tofu (The Bridge Tofu) is a staple ingredient in everyday cooking for healthy vegetarians, vegans, and gourmets.

The Bridge is notable for many reasons. The first ingredient in all of their products in unsupassed quality.  Each is made from outstanding ingredients in a richly restored tradition; slowly by hand, fresh to order, by people - not machines.  When you eat products by The Bridge you'll notice they taste different than the others you may have tried. They possess a remarkable and delicious depth of flavor.  The Bridge employees are proud of their products because they feel they are truly superior.  Once you've had the tofu, tofu salad, seitan, or amasake they are confident you will agree.  

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