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All of our farms oppose Contained Animal Farming Operations (CAFO) and are doing their part to provide a fresh and healthy product for our customers.

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Many of our farms are certified organic and raise a variety of organic vegetables, organic herbs and organic berries.

REAL - Sauerkraut (15 oz jar) Certified Organic

REAL - Sauerkraut  (15 oz jar) Certified Organic REAL - Sauerkraut  (15 oz jar) Certified Organic
Real Pickles - Sauerkraut (15 oz jar) Certified Organic - Fermented Cabbage.

Real Pickles is a worker co-operative working to change the food system by making pickles!  It all started when Dan Rosenberg began making traditional pickles in 1999 after attending a workshop at a Northeast Organic Farming Association conference. Excited about the benefits of locally grown food, he started pickling cabbage, turnips, greens, and other vegetables as a way to eat locally throughout the winter. Dan also got inspired by the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, a researcher who traveled the world in the 1920s and 30s studying the diets of indigenous peoples and who found that those eating traditional diets enjoyed a high level of health completely unknown in industrialized societies.
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