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Meal Idea for 4 - Quiche and Salad

Meal Idea for 4 - Quiche and Salad Meal Idea for 4 - Quiche and Salad
Weekly Meal Idea for Four - It doesn't get much easier than this one folks! 

A quick dinner with minimal oven time! 

  • 4 individual quiches from Pursuit of Pastry
  • a half pound of salad mix 
  • a pint of cherry tomatoes (seasonal)*
  • a pound of carrots
  • a pound of slicing cucumbers (seasonal)*
  • a loaf of bread from Pursuit of Pastry
  • a pound of fruit - seasonal

All you need is some butter for your bread and dressing for your tossed salad!

*we will substitute salad ingredients as the seasons change
Product #6013
Price: $50.00

Choose Your Bread :
  • French Country
  • Cheddar Bacon
  • Salted Baguette
Choose Your Quiche:
  • Spinach and Feta
  • Ham and Swiss
  • Bacon and Cheddar
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