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BRICK - Caputo 00 Flour (55 lbs) From Italy

BRICK - Caputo 00 Flour (55 lbs) From Italy BRICK - Caputo 00 Flour (55 lbs) From Italy
Caputo 00 Flour (55 lb. bag) From Italy
The Pizzeria 00 is our most popular seller by far. Certainly for wood-fired ovens, but a lot of people prefer it even for their lower temperature electric ovens at home. Americana 00 is the second most popular.

Brick Oven Baker from Guilford imports Caputo Flour from Italy - if you have a gluten intolerant you should try baking with this flour. I found it easy to digest and I believe it is because the flour from Italy has not been altered as I believe the seeds in our country have been. It worked for me so I made it available to you to give it a try. 

The flours are all soft white wheat, ground to 00 fineness:
  • The Pizzeria is ideal for wood-fired ovens (900 degrees F) and true naples-style pizza. 
  • The Pizza a Metro is meant for a Roman style of pizza that is a thicker crust than Neapolitan pizza, and idea for ovens around 700 degrees F. 
  • The Pizzeria Americana 00 is formulated with a bit more malted wheat, and is optimized for electric and gas deck ovens that operate under 600 degrees F. The added malted wheat helps with browning at the lower temperatures. 
Choose the variety of the Caputo 00 flours in stock which includes:
  • Pizzeria
  • Rinforzato
  • Pizza a Metro
  • Extra
  • Pasta and Gnocchi
  • Pizza Americana

Product #9349
Price: $47.00

Choose the variety that fits your needs:
  • Pizzeria 00 Flour
  • Rinforzato 00 Flour
  • Pizza a Metro 00 Flour
  • Extra 00 Flour
  • Pizza Americana 00 Flour
  • Pasta and Gnocchi 00 Flour
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