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The world is full of delicious cuisines from different parts of the world. As you wander done the grocery aisle, you’ll see that there are virtually numerous options for each category. But the question most people are not noticing is, what is the most influential factor of the foods we purchase and eat. It is not that simple if you may think.

It’s not just about Hunger

Aside from hunger, there are many other reasons for why we are eating what we are eating. Cultural influences, family preferences, societal pressures, health concerns, convenience, variety, cost, emotional reasons, personal taste and the quantity of foods available come into play when choosing foods to eat.

The US enjoys among the most abundant food supplies across the world. But with sheer abundance of foods also comes with overeating. Ultimately, it results to many Americans to be overweight and have related health problems.

While studies report that more people are showing interests in health and diet than before, the figures for obese and overweight Americans tell otherwise.

Awareness of Foods Consumed

The moment that you learn and understand the factors influencing your food choices, you might have better control of what you are eating.