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Blog 2008 04 Lets make a Difference

Eating organic foods is encouraged because simply speaking, it lets supply to meet demands. Spending your money on the organic sector is a direct indication that you are into sustainable future for the future generations to come.

The Market for Organic Food

Despite the fact that organic foods are the biggest growing sector in food industry, still it just accounts for roughly 5 percent of purchases. The more consumers who are demanding organic, the more easily accessible it will be in bigger supply.

Big grocery outlets similar to Wal-Mart and Costco holds organic food but so does corner stores and Co-Ops. In fact, Costco passed around 4 billion dollars in annual sales from the organic produce back in 2016 which beats Whole Foods.

Organic farmers would not be able to grow produce that fast to be able to supply retailers so they’ve decided to lend farmers some money to purchase land as well as equipment in growing more organic produce. In the event that organic industry kept growing, there will be more opportunities that will come by.

Why Go Organic?

Besides, it is highly recommended to incorporate organic foods in your diet. First, it is healthy and second, you are supporting local farmers to put foods for their family.