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Why Local

If you want to improve the state of your health, then only go with local foods. To kick this off, local foods usually keep more of its nutrients. Local produce lets them to ripen through natural methods.

It is Just Healthier

Going with fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown in its season are healthier too. In a research performed by experts, they discovered that the nutritional contents of fruits and veggies that are harvested on its season happen to have more minerals and vitamins than those that are imported out of their season.

In a separate study published by Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, they discovered that the amount of health promoting anthocyanin pigments have quadrupled as fruits became fully ripe.

Hands Down Safe

Furthermore, it is safer to eat locally grown produce. First things first, local farm growers are using little-to-no chemicals at all. While farmers ought to use pesticides in growing their produce, these are still natural so it does not add any chemicals that may damage your system.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of small scale farmers who are using organic methods in their produce but just don’t have the chance to be certified all for the reason that they are not large enough to pay for the certification fees.