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It is fairly easy to spot a high quality meat by how it is butchered. Check out for smooth cuts that have uniform size and whenever possible, try to stay away from jagged edged meat. This is often the case when you are buying poultry. The lower grade poultry products are not butchered nicely. Meaning to say, there’s not enough care taken when taking off the bones and joints. If you find it irritating removing small bones yourself, then only buy high grade cuts.

Simplified Ways of Shopping for Your Meat

There are other takeaways when buying meat. If you are always struggling with such purchase, then rest of the tips in this post will help you out.

Meat Surface

If you pay attention at red meat, you’ll see the meat fibers. The fiber grains tell a lot whether the meat is tender or tough.

Meats with plenty of visible muscle fibers means it is tough and packed with flavor and is perfect for slow and low cooking.

Meat Fat

Meat that has streaks of fats and white fleck that are distributed all throughout the muscle will be tender and juicer when cooked. This is otherwise referred to as cooking.