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The primary reason why we are choosing the foods that we are eating is simply because of the fact that we love its tastes. We are not eating blueberries simply because they are great source of antioxidants. Rather, we are eating these foods because they taste wonderful.

Taste preferences are present from the time we were born. In fact even with babies, they show fondness for fats and sweetness. In the long run, we begin to develop palates on other flavors as well.

There are studies suggesting that children who have been exposed to broad range of foods in their early life are likely to enjoy wider variety of cuisines.

Personal Effort

Question is, is it feasible to teach yourself in loving the taste of a healthy food as an adult. Being able to enjoy the taste of healthy foods is something that takes perseverance and time. Additionally, it helps if you would give yourself time to know how to cook healthy foods.

Reward System

Go try ask experts regarding the secrets for a successful weight loss and you will likely hear that it is important to incorporate your favorite foods in diet. This is important as these foods will serve as a reward system for every achievement you made in your diet.