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When you are out in the market and buying fresh cut vegetables and fruits, go with those that are either surrounded by ice or refrigerated. It is essential that veggies and fruits that have been opened or halved in some way are properly stored and chilled.

Price Comparisons

Any smart shopper will always look at the price difference between prepackaged produce and loose produce. Going with the latter or single unit produce typically provides better value on your money than the former. Choosing goods by yourself gives you the opportunity to pick vegetables and fruits of better quality.

Canned Vegetables and Fruits are also Good Pick

Despite the fact that they usually have higher sodium compared to frozen and fresh goods, canned goods basically carry the same nutritional values.

In case that there’s no available fresh produce, it would not hurt to consider canned produce as an alternative.

Learn to Separate

Always, separate your seafood, poultry, meat as well as vegetables and fruits. In your shopping basket, see to it that you have separated your fresh produce from the raw seafood, poultry and meat. Juice and blood from raw meat contains pathogens that could possibly contaminate everything that it touches.