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Blog 2008 03 Its Cold Why Go Out

In comparison to organic standards, there’s no clear definition to what “local food is. Having said that, local foods may be grown in your state, your local community, your country or your region. Regardless, supporting and patronizing local foods offer so many benefits.

Advantages of Local Grown Foods

If you are a bit skeptical about it and thinking that it is just a marketing tactic, then you better read the next lines.


By buying local foods, the money circulates within local economy. More money directly goes to the farmers as well rather than to distribution and marketing.


In the United States for example, average distance that meal travels from farm to consumer’s dinner plate is roughly 1,500 miles.

Produce should be picked while it’s still unripe and then it is delivered to ripen after transport. Or, the produce is highly processed in factories through preservation, irradiation as well as other means to ensure it’s stable throughout transport.


With local foods, it is only harvested when it is ripe. With this in mind, you can always be sure that the produce served are fresher and has fuller flavor. In fact, there are small local farmers who are using organic methods but might not have the financial ability to be a certified organic. By supporting local foods, you’re supporting these farmers to grow as well.