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Blog 2008 04 Save the Birds

One element of organic food is that they are never irradiated. An irradiated food means foods that are exposed to intense ionizing radiation. This is also done inside a processing room in a set period of time. With food irradiation, chemical bonds of radiant energy such as gamma rays, electrons or even X-Rays are broken. The primary purpose of it is to lower microorganisms present in food.

Safer for Health and Body

The main concern here is, radiation is largely known to be the cause of cancer. Though irradiated foods don’t meet the definition of organic by US Department of Agriculture.

The United States Department of Agriculture is collaborating with the FDA in incorporating food irradiation wherever it’s appropriate. In addition to that, USDA is controlling the use of phrase “organic” among food labels. Foods that are irradiated regardless of how they’re produced or grown can’t be labeled as certified organic product by the USDA.

No Sewage Sludge

The thing with organic farmers and their farming method is that they are not using sewage sludge. Simply speaking, sewage sludge is the product of wastewater treatment and consists of various unknown and known hazardous materials. With this out of the equation, you can guarantee that the organic foods you eat are completely healthy.