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Organic farming does not expose farmworkers as well as neighboring communities to pesticides and other dangerous chemicals used in traditional commercial farming.

The Risks not Known to Many

Basically, farmworkers are at big risks for agricultural pesticides exposure as well as its side effects to our health. Neighboring communities are at high risk of exposure as well through pesticide drift if their home is just near a big farm or in a traditionally managed playing field or park. Pesticide drift is actually a big threat to people’s health and even to wildlife and our ecosystem.

It’s a Real Problem

Believe it or not, back in 2018, the Organic Center published a report detailing the impact of traditional utilization of synthetic pesticides on the health of farmworkers and farmers. In the study, it shows as well how organic could be taken advantage as a model in decreasing exposure to pesticides.

Then again, a recent study released in Environmental Research added evidence to a bigger body of research which showed that eating organic produced foods can help in reducing pesticides that accumulated in the body. The study discovered that families who ate 100% organic foods drastically lowered their exposure to the 4 classes of pesticides by about 60% in just a period of 2 months.