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Blog 2008 03 Buy Organic

The way that your food is raised and grown might have a serious impact on your emotional and mental health, and even on our environment. Organic foods normally offer more beneficial nutrients similar to antioxidants compared to its conventionally grown counterparts. Aside from that, those who have allergies to certain chemicals, foods or preservatives might find their symptoms to go away or to lessen when eating organic foods only.

Fewer Pesticides

The nice thing about organic produce is the fact that they contain fewer pesticides. Chemicals similar to herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are frequently used in traditional agriculture.

The residues of it is the food we it.

Want Fresh? Eat Organic

Organic food is oftentimes fresher for it does not contain any preservatives to prolong its shelf life. Sometimes, organic produce is produced on smaller farms close to where it’s sold.

Better for our Environment

Organic farming practices might help in reducing pollution and soil erosion while conserving water, use less energy and increase fertility of the soil in the process. In addition to that, farming without the use of synthetic pesticides is way better too for nearby animals and birds and people who are living close to the farm.