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Blog 2008 02

When putting up a blog, particularly one that is focused about foods, you don’t want your visitors to spend their time as well as ingredients to recipes that will disappoint. So what you want to do here is to do your homework first before going out full blast. Luckily, there are some ways that you can execute this.

Cite Your Sources

Reposting recipes are not cool, especially if you are going to do it line by line. To make things worse, if you will do it without the permission from the blogger.

The better thing to do here is to find original recipes, share links that inspired you and link further to other resources that are related to the subject.

Never Sell Out

Well, it does not necessarily mean that you must not try to monetize your blog but, do not align yourself with a project or brand that is not a good fit with yours. Remember, you’re the company you keep and you should concentrate on putting out the best content and build your audience. That is what you should be doing and opportunities would come to you.

Post Content Regularly

Whether it is on a daily basis, once per week or every other week, never abandon your blog.