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When buying for some red meat, many of us are looking for those bright, red looking meat. But what most people are not aware of is, fresh meat actually has a purplish color. When meat is exposed to ear, the meat pigments are reacting to oxygen which then forms the famous “red” color it has.

The Color Says it All

The right meat color basically depends on what kind of meat you’re buying. Red meat must be dark in color and could vary among brown, red and purple. Say that it’s brown, then it only means that it’s been exposed to air already. Eating it is still safe of course. Pork meat must have this light pink color while game meat has to have dark brown.

How about in Poultry Products?

You may noticed that with poultry, the color is different. This is mainly because its diet is different. Thus, the color for fresh poultry is somewhere from white-blue to yellow.

Even meat lovers, barely few people love the smell of fresh meats. Thus, a lot of home cooks are having a hard time establishing whether the aroma they are smelling is just normal or spoiled. One key takeaway here is when the meat smells pungent, throw it away.