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Apps for Everything: Food and Drink


Practical applications that support everything from shopping to nutritional advice: INFORM provides the right appetite choice.

Is it easy to eat and drink healthy food with the app? It starts with a recipe. There are countless cooking suggestions on the internet. So it’s a good idea to choose an app that suits your tastes and cooking skills,

Lifelong diet is already shaped in the first few years of life. That’s why INFORM relies on it to provide apps for young parents. If you want to review and improve your eating habits, you can also use the app. The apps presented by INFORM fall into the following categories:

– recipe
– shopping
– nutrition
– Young family
– Game


Eat smarter

Eatsmarter’s website aims to show you only healthy, modern, and delicious recipes. The recipe portal likes to reinterpret classics. You can use different filters to search for difficulty in preparation, time of year, or meal. We also have many recipes for families with children. Next, the material refers to, for example, two adults and two children. The Eatsmarter app for websites has significantly fewer ads.


There are many benefits to buying fruits and vegetables according to the season. In that case, the food provides the most vitamins and minerals, is especially delicious at the main harvest, and is the least costly.



Shopping List

Shopping on the Shopping List saves calories, time, and money. Having a list makes it easier to avoid the temptation on the shelves of a supermarket. If the recipe is already found in the app, why not digitize your shopping list as well? The “Shopping List” app provides the perfect feature for this. After the groceries are listed, grouping them according to category (fruit, dairy, household, etc.) will help you reach checkout quickly.



What I Eat

The Federal Nutrition Center (BZfE) app “What I Eat” can check not only water but also the whole diet. You can also set a reminder here. For example, if you drink regularly. During the day, users enter food to eat and drink. The finished food pyramid shows how well the diet is balanced.

As with the Food Pyramid, the decisive factor is the weekly balance, not the daily. So if you eat too many sweets, you can make up for this with a snack day.


Pregnant + Eating

Competence Center for Nutrition (KErn)’s “Pregnant & Eating” app accompanies pregnant and pregnant families. Each week, users receive information about their child’s growth and healthy lifestyle, sometimes in the form of videos. Training during pregnancy, nutritional checks, and upcoming reminders provide even more practical support.

Child + Food

The “Child + Food” app provides young families with recommendations on healthy daily family life and special features of child nutrition from the first birthday. This app was developed by the Children’s Health Foundation. Parents can find all of this information bundled with various topics related to their child. Again, the focus is on children’s nutrition and exercise. Creating a profile for your child allows you to keep a diary and receive regular tips on daily activities.


Cooking Mama: Let’s cook!

Finally, there is a nutrition app that you just want to make interesting. Of course, the Cooking Mama app isn’t just for moms. It’s very colorful, very noisy (if needed), and very wild. However, with a little practice, you can quickly take action in the middle of the kitchen.

Toca Kitchen 2

This game is really for kids and it’s fun to wake up. We also have dishes at Toca Kitchen 2. However, there is no instruction. Food from the refrigerator can be chopped, mixed, seasoned, fried, or fried as needed.