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Enjoy The Benefits Of Sauna In Your Home With Thera 360 – Food And Drink To Avoid Before And After Sauna

Sweating used as a form of therapy has long been used in many regions across the globe. As stated by Harvard Health Publications, sweat houses were used by the Mayans 3,000 years ago. For thousands of years, Finland had been using saunas, where 1 in 3 Finnish people make use of them. In the U.S., there more than a thousand saunas across the state.

For centuries, saunas have been used by people to relax, unwind as well as take advantage of the many health benefits they offer. Because of this, saunas are still popular until today.

Thera 360 – Enjoy The Benefits of Sauna in the Comforts of your Home

Usually, a sauna is a room that is heated up between 70°C (158°F) to 100°C (212°F). Traditional saunas in Finland make use of dry heat often with 10% to 20% humidity. In other types of saunas, there is a higher amount of moisture. For instance, saunas in Turkey involve a higher level of humidity, Nonetheless, people can benefit from the several health advantages that these saunas provide.

Today, because of technology, you can now reap the benefits of saunas in the comforts of your own home thanks to the availability of portable saunas. The Thera 360 is a portable sauna that make use of the infrared technology.

This infrared sauna features a proprietary heating panels with Tourmaline gem stones so as to produce a great quantity of negative ions. These negative ions greatly support the major purpose of sauna therapy – increasing the body’s core temperature.

While the thera 360 is only able to accommodate one user at a time, this portable version of a sauna is a cost-effective, user-friendly as well as labor-saving way for muscle recovery and relaxation, stress reduction, and detoxification. In addition, the thera 360 is easy to set-up and comfortable to use. As you sit inside this infrared sauna, your body is immersed in a soothing and calming full range frequencies of infrared and negative ions, but without being exposed to unsafe EMFs.

Food and Drink Before and After Sauna

Beyond leisure and relaxation, a sauna bath provides a number of benefits for one’s health and wellbeing. Among the health benefits of a sauna include lowered risk of vascular ailments like high-blood pressure and stroke, as well as neurocognitive disease and nonvascular ailments.

To make the most of your sauna experience as well as really benefit from the sweat therapy, whether you use a traditional sauna or a portable one, there are certain food and drink that’s best to have or consume before are after your sauna.

  • Before your sauna, make certain you are well hydrated as you will be sweating a lot
  • Avoid any alcoholic beverage before a sauna bath as it can raise the risk for dehydration
  • Heavy meals must be avoided before sauna as this can counteract circulation of blood chic is one of the benefits of a sauna
  • After your sauna, rehydrate yourself with post-sauna beverages like water, tea, and fruit juices.