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Recommended Color Scheme For Restaurant Homepage

This column summarizes “colors that match and colors that do not match” and “things to be aware of” for each industry. Each time, I’ll cover different industries and explain them, but there are common colors and common mistakes in those industries, and for good reason. In addition, even if the color of the homepage is the same as that of the signboard or paper pamphlet, the screen configuration and usage points are different. The fifth is the color scheme of the restaurant homepage. If you are also looking for elegant themes for your restaurant website, visit ‘divi discount’ for more details.

Colors often used in restaurants
On the restaurant homepage, the most important thing is a picture of the food, but the most important theme is how to choose the background color to support it. In many cases, you’ll use the colors that convey the image of the store, and use the entire page to recreate the store. The colors used to achieve this can be roughly divided into three patterns.

  • Colors that represent the image of the store
  • Warm colors that complement the image of the store
  • Color of food/drink/material

Most of the designs are made by combining all three instead of one of the above three, but the common tendency of the three is that they are not cold colors such as blue, but the warmth and store lighting. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow are often used to create an image of such things. Unlike shops that sell a single product, the dishes come in a variety of shades. For example, steak specialty stores can use the color of meat, and hamburger specialty stores can use the colors of the main ingredients such as bread and hamburger, but for example, set meal shops have many menus, such as rice and hamburgers. Various things such as fish and meat are used.

How to use colors and points of color scheme

Colors that represent the image of the store
The image of the store is made from the materials used for the interior and exterior and the color of the signboard. Of particular importance is the color of the interior where you eat and spend time, and you can think of the color of the homepage against that color. In most cases, either a dark black or brown color or a light color based on white or beige is chosen, and half-dim images that are neither bright nor dark are rarely used. These colors are an arrangement of interior colors such as interior wood, wall materials, and tablecloths. Whether you use bright colors or dark colors depends on whether you are open day or night and whether you are serving alcohol. In general, shops that are open mainly at night and shops that emphasize alcohol tend to use dark colors.

Warm colors that complement the image of the store
Many restaurants use orange light, like a light bulb, instead of the white light of fluorescent lights, because it makes food look delicious. The photo of the restaurant is illuminated by the light of the lighting and looks orange overall. By unifying the color of the homepage with warm colors, in the same way, you can create a delicious image. However, if you use a strong orange or red that looks glaring alone, only that part will stand out, and your line of sight may turn to the part other than the important dish. It is unavoidable if the dish itself has a strong color, but it is best to avoid adding a strong color that interferes with the dish in the background as much as possible.

Color of food / drink / material
There are various colors of products for restaurants, and even if you limit it to smoothies, for example, the image will change completely depending on the material. Also, the main large image will include not only store photos but also recommended menus from time to time. That is, what colors are used in photographs can change from time to time. In such cases, photos are the main thing, so how to use good photos is the most important factor for the appearance of the homepage. No matter how good the atmosphere of the restaurant is, if the picture of the essential meal is dark and does not look delicious, everything will be ruined. To avoid that, it’s best to have a professional photographer shoot.