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5 Tips for Making the Perfect Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream


Beating cream stiffly is a real challenge. Even with the hand blender, the whipped cream sometimes just doesn’t want to get firm. If you beat them too long, they flocculate and solid particles form in the thin liquid. At this stage, it turns into butter, but not into an airy side dish for cakes, waffles, or dessert.

You always have the option to use whipped cream chargers to have the perfect whipped cream. But if you want to make it on your own, follow our 5 tips and you will succeed in making the perfect whipped cream.

Tip 1

Take them out of the fridge immediately before hitting them. Cold cream solidifies faster. It is even easier if you also put the stirring vessel and the stirring rods in the refrigerator for some time. A bowl made of ceramic or metal is ideal because this material stores the cold.

Tip 2

The ambient temperature also influences the result of whipping cream. If the oven and other heat sources are switched on in the kitchen, it will already be too warm for the cream. Therefore, beat it in a cooler room, and you will see that it becomes stiff very quickly.


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Tip 3

If you notice that the cream is getting firm, you should stop beating immediately. If you beat them too long, the butter separates from the whey and you actually get butter instead of a nice firm whipped cream. If this happens, you can no longer save them but must start over with a new cup of cream. Therefore, occasionally check in between how firm it already is.

Tip 4

The higher the fat content, the easier it is to get a perfect, firm cream. You should always refrain from heat-treated cream. It is very difficult to achieve an optimal result with ultra-high-heated cream.

Tip 5

If you simply do not want to succeed in beating the cream stiffly, the following ingredients will help:

  • a bag of cream stiffness
  • one or two splashes of lemon juice
  • and a pinch of salt or gelatin from the bag.

You should also make sure that the stirring tool is grease-free. A special highlight for children’s birthday parties: A few drops of food coloring before beating provide a colorful cream experience.