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7 Amazing Apps for Better Nutrition

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The range of apps seems endless and experiencing a real boom for some time. According to surveys by the industry association, every second, a smartphone user uses a nutrition app. Health includes many categories: fitness, allergies, relaxation, and, of course, nutrition. We have listed for you our favorites among the nutrition apps that have proven themselves in our everyday lives and that we do not want to miss under any circumstances.

1. CodeCheck: Healthy shopping

You want to know what’s really in your food? Then you should definitely check out “CodeCheck” ( Ios | Android) download! When shopping, simply scan a product of your choice and get all the information about the ingredients: whether something contains too much sugar, is lactose-, gluten-free or vegan, or whether there are questionable ingredients such as palm oil in the product.

You can also create your personal profile in which you store certain dietary preferences. If you scan a product in the supermarket and it does not match the specifications in your profile, CodeCheck warns you and suggests alternative products that are healthier or more sustainable.

2. What I eat: Eat healthy thanks to the individual food pyramid

With the app “What I eat” ( Ios | Android) of the Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE), you can get an overview of how healthy you really eat. To do this, simply enter a catalog of 700 foods that you have eaten and drunk during the day. If a dish or drink is not included, you can enter it manually.

In this way, you can always see what nutritional values (carbohydrates, fat, protein) are and how many calories you have consumed. The foods are then transferred into a weekly protocol and into a science-based food pyramid, which gives you even more detailed information about your eating habits.

3. Too good for the bin! Stop wasting

The nutrition app “Too good for the bin!” ( Ios | Android) focuses not only on a health-conscious diet but above all on the wasteful use of food. After all, every eighth food in Germany is thrown away. The software of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) provides recipes for the creative leftover kitchen. Among them are cooking ideas from celebrities such as Tim Wälzer, Daniel Brühl, and Sarah Wiener.

If you have your own recipe for the delicious recycling of leftovers, you are welcome to suggest it. After all, 340 recipes have already accumulated in this way. The nutrition app also provides tips on shopping and the correct storage and recycling of food. In the extensive lexicon, you will find information on their storage and shelf life.

We particularly liked the shopping planner. Since we started using it, we keep track of what we really need when shopping in the supermarket and can better estimate quantities. This saves time and money. Just like the app: it is completely free.




4. aid Seasonal Calendar: Today is not my time

If you want to do something good for yourself and the environment, eat seasonal food and buy fruit and vegetables from the region. ‘The seasonal calendar’ ( Ios | Android) from the Federal Centre for Nutrition (BZfE) lists all vegetables and fruits that currently have the main harvest season for the current month.

With another tap, you get an overview of how the market offer for selected vegetables and fruits is distributed throughout the year. Because if the offer is particularly high, the purchase is most worthwhile. In addition, the nutrition app informs about how the offer is composed. This will tell you how big the import share is compared to domestic goods. This information can be retrieved for around 80 types of fruit and vegetables, including exotics and citrus fruits. A search function facilitates the targeted retrieval of information. This eco-friendly shopping planner is also available free of charge.

5. Drink Water: Never forget to drink again

It should be clear to everyone that sufficient fluid is essential for our bodies. And yet most of us drink far too little. Here comes the handy app “Drink Water” ( Ios | Android) into the game. The application reminds you several times a day to drink enough. Of course, you can decide how often the app should notify you.

But that’s not all: “Drink Water” first calculates how much water you need every day based on your weight. Once you’ve had a drink, you can document it in the app. So you are always aware of how much fluid you still have to drink until your needs are covered.

6. EAT SMARTER: Know what to cook

Now you know everything about healthy food, but still have no idea what to cook from it? The free app “EAT SMARTER” ( Ios | Android) provides access to 100,000 healthy recipes. This makes conscious feeding much easier. The recipe collection includes categories such as Low Carb, Vegan, Weight Loss, and Vegetarian with Superfoods. The intuitive navigation makes it easier to find suitable recipes. The handy shopping list guarantees that you won’t forget any of the food you need. And if it tasted good, you can simply save the recipe in the cookbook.

7. Lifesum

Also ‘Lifesum’ ( Ios | Android) is one of the apps that promotes a healthy diet. Similar to “What I eat,” “Lifesum” gives you the ability to track food and drinks. However, the focus of this tool is more on improving your own fitness. So you can not only use “Lifesum” as a food diary but also record all your sports units with it.

If you opt for the paid premium version, the app even offers you a nutrition plan with great recipes to cook at home. You can decide in advance for a certain diet (keto, paleo, vegan). The annual membership costs 39.99 euros, and a 3-month membership 18.99 euros.

By the way: Not only does a healthy diet and sufficient exercise contribute to a vital lifestyle, but also a good night’s sleep. These sleep apps can help you with the latter!