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Are ready meals dangerous?

No time, no desire, no patience – in the families less and less proper cooking, ready meals conquer our dining tables. This is a threat to our health. Valuable ingredients disappear, flavor enhancers, preservatives, fat and salt are increasingly used. This means a risk to our health and weight. Which makes ready meals dangerous.

Ready meals are high on the agenda

If you walk through a supermarket today, you can’t get out of your amazement at the enormous quantities of ready meals on offer. They are all purchased. Firstly, because advertising makes it palatable to us, and secondly because, in our fast-paced times, food must be available to everyone quickly in many families. Not for everyone at the same time. The common, cozy together sitting during a painting time, that often no longer exists. Everyone comes home at a different time in the evening and is hungry. Ready-to-eat food is an ideal solution. But many of these courts are putting our health at risk. Therefore, one should know much more about ready meals.

Family life used to be very different. The woman was mostly at home and prepared the meal. If the father had his workshop or shop in the house, the whole family would sit together at noon when the children came home from school. Today is just the evening for the family. And here, too, everything is different than before: the woman is also working and has to conjure up a meal for the others in a short time on the table. Or the man has taken over the role. Both therefore like to resort to ready meals. And you can see it in the TV advertising: It’s fast. The ready meal is taken out of the packaging, comes into the microwave oven and can be finished on the table minutes later. Visit Michigan lemon law used cars if you need assistance in finding legal counsel.


Pay attention to the additives

So what do you have to consider when consuming ready meals?

Quite simply: you also have to eat gently steamed vegetables. Or you should prepare a crisp, fresh salad for the ready meal. You should give preference to frozen goods over the dishes from the tin. You have to check the list of ingredients. The longer a food is durable, the more additives and preservatives it contains. Speaking of additives: Use ready meals sparingly, which have the following numbers: glutamates such as E 620 to E 625, ferns such as E 102, E 104 and E 161g, phosphate compounds such as E 338 to 341.

Nor do you believe the claims that you have to choose ready-made products for time constraints. Even the preparation of many fresh dishes does not take much longer. And take a look: ready meals are not always a cheap solution.

The dangers of ready meals

  • But that’s not the only drawback for ready meals. They can also cause discomfort: headache, migraines, nausea, limb pain.
  • So that some ready meals always look appetizing and fresh – and for as long as possible – they are sometimes provided with dyes. And there are certain chemical substances that make children hyperactive and adults aggressive, for example.
  • Sugar substitutes in too large quantities can trigger gastric mucosa inflammation in people with a sensitive digestive tract.
  • If ready meals contain acidifiers – for example phosphorus compounds – then calcium absorption into the bones is hindered. This is a danger for the dreaded bone descaling osteoporosis. This means that such ready meals and drinks weaken the bones.
  • The large amounts of fat are added to the ready meals for two reasons: first, fat preserves the food, and secondly, fat is an excellent flavor carrier. You have to be very careful that you don’t fall into a fat trap. Many buy a ready-made fish dish from the freezer in the supermarket. The fish fillet floats in oil. This gives the impression that this is healthy fish fat, which provides valuable omega-3 fatty acids for the heart, circulation and brain.