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Food To Snack On While Reading Your Book Or Ebook – Why Consider An Ebook Reader?

Reading books is more than just a leisure activity as there are more benefits to reading that goes beyond pleasure and enjoyment. According to scientific research, reading can be extremely beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. Among these benefits includes, strengthened brain power, improved empathic ability, increased vocabulary, diminished stress levels, reduced age-related weakening of cognitive abilities, and alleviated symptoms of depression.

Ebook Readers – Why You Should Have One

While the benefits of reading are incredible and could last a lifetime, some people still find reading a dull and uninteresting activity, especially among students. However, in this highly technological and digital age we are living in, book reading has become more interesting and enjoyable with ebooks and ebook readers.

Essentially, eBooks, also known as electronic books, are digital versions or formats of physical printed books. Ebook readers are used to access and read them. While other electronic devices could also be used, such as a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, a dedicated ebook reader is specifically designed for ebooks and to make a person’s ebook reading experience much more enjoyable and convenient.

Although nothing beats the feel and experience of holding and reading a physical book, ebook readers have the features to make reading more interesting, interactive, engaging and enjoyable. So, why should you consider purchasing an ebook reader of your own?

In terms of portability and convenience, ebook readers are lightweight and thin making them easier to carry around as well as grip when reading ebooks. In addition, a single ebook reader can store a library of hundreds of ebooks and other digital content which you can access and read whenever and wherever. On the other hand, physical books can come in different sizes, can be thick, bulky, and heavy, making them an inconvenience to carry around, particularly if you need to carry with you several at once.

When it comes to eye comfort, ebooks are customizable with the help of an ebook reader. Ebook readers allow readers to adjust the size and change style of the text font to make the content more readable. This is an excellent feature for readers who are either near-sighted or far-sighted. Obviously, this is something that you cannot do with a physical printed book.

To make ebook reading more interesting, interactive, and engaging, ebook readers allow users to highlight or underline texts as well as to make notes or annotations on the ebook itself, which users can share to other users. Moreover, with the built-in dictionary, users can easily and quickly get definitions of terms.

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Best Foods To Snack On While Reading

Regardless of your choice, reading physical printed books or ebooks can be very beneficial, especially if you choose your books well. Moreover, although physical printed book and ebooks offer different reading experiences, there are a number of ways to make your reading more delightful. Pairing your reading with the best food and drink is one.

Although eating while reading can be messy and a nightmare with sloshing liquids, sticky fingers, crumbs, smudgy fingerprints on the pages of your book or your ebook reader, snacking and sipping on something while reading (especially long hours of reading) go together and completes your reading experience. That being said, here are some of the best foods and drinks to have while reading. Most of these foods only require one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold your book or ebook reader.

  • Bite-sized pasta
  • Soup
  • Crackers, cookies, or biscuits
  • Cheese platter
  • Cake pops, mini cakes, or donuts
  • Bananas, sliced apples, pears, peaches
  • Any bite size vegetables you can dip in hummus
  • Nuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Berries
  • Hard pretzels
  • Hot chocolate, tea, coffee, chai latte, smoothie, or water
  • Dark chocolate

To avoid mess or using both hands, avoid snacking on large burritos, sandwiches, soft pretzels (too greasy), popcorn (too greasy), and complicated salads.