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Social Media Marketing In Gastronomy

The relevance of social media is still often underestimated in gastronomy marketing.  Potential customers use these in everyday life. In addition, they see it as a “source of inspiration” when looking for restaurants.

This does not mean that as a restaurateur you should hire a social media manager. But you can do a lot better by covering at least the “basics” completely and well. Continuously publish visually appealing pictures of your own dishes on Twitter and other social media platforms. Looking at the twitter headers templates and images alone can make your followers want to eat and make their mouths water. Check the templates in Supportivekoala and create advertising images that will entice your followers.

The opportunity to share stories should be used again and again. Here you can take people behind the scenes and get a glimpse of the food. Gastronomy marketing is not difficult in this context. Everyone can implement simple things.

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Maintain good communication and service on social media

From a restaurant’s point of view, an important part of on-site customer loyalty is the interaction with the guests. This is how strangers become long-term regulars and maybe even friends. The goal should be to carry this first-class service to social media as well.

Responding quickly to inquiries, taking the time to respond to comments at length, and of course, diligently interacting with visitor profiles. All these points are part of a good online “service”. These points also have the potential to stay in the minds of the target groups and make a difference. Too many restaurateurs still have first-class service on-site, but completely neglect this part of marketing.

Strategic use of advertising on social media

Advertising on social media is inexpensive and effective. Despite this, many restaurateurs are still not using it. Placing flyers in mailboxes doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it does have high wastage. The whole process is also associated with corresponding manual work. on the other hand, you can deliver your social media advertisements in a targeted manner.  You can even deliberately set the advertising within a radius of, for example, 5 kilometres. In this way, you can surely avoid deliveries outside the desired area.

When it comes to the advertisements themselves, it is advisable to deliberately use formats that present your own food particularly well. Videos are particularly good for this. But you can also use carousel ads cleverly to present the entire spectrum of your own offer and to make people want to eat their own food.