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Improving Talent Recruitment with the Right Snack

Blueberries on toast


This might sound crazy, but what if certain foods could cause you to be more productive throughout your workday? All recruiters should be accustomed to the superpowers of coffee. It’s both delicious and effective. But caffeine overload is often dangerous for your health. Caffeine is just a stimulant. It’s not providing your body or brain with the nutrients it has to operate efficiently. To optimize its performance so you’ll be able to endure the daily rigors of hiring, your brain needs real nutrients and real fuel.

When it involves finding top talent, recruiters, such as an executive recruiter, have plenty on their plate. The day-to-day grind is tedious and exhausting. Picture this: It’s 11:30 AM. You’re nodding off into your video display. Your phone is ringing. You’ve got a dozen unopened emails and an interview at 1 PM. You’re exhausted and off within the distance a thick brain fog is rolling in. You have got half-hour until the door slams shut on productivity. Because you recognize a crash will ensue, you fight the urge of brewing another pot of coffee within the break room. Your neighbor offers you a slice of pizza. You accept. It’s delicious, but now your day is over. To any potential productivity, grab a pillow and wave goodbye. You’re visiting need it.


Blueberries are a good snack for each day of the week, except when you’re wearing a white shirt. Called “anthocyanins,” this superfood contains many small molecules. These compounds have numerous antioxidant properties known to enhance cognitive function. Blueberries also are effective at reducing neurological inflammation, which may help slow age-related cognitive decline. Some studies have also confirmed the blueberry’s ability to boost subjective well-being, making them a well-rounded snack for developing a sharper mind.


I remember flicking broccoli off my plate as a baby. Your brain’s most prominent neurotransmitter is linked to memory and learning if only my mother told me that broccoli is high in choline, which is that the precursor to acetylcholine. Growing up, I probably would have eaten more of it! after all, that’s not the sole good thing about broccoli. Having a robust system is essential to not missing every day at the office and letting your work gather. Broccoli helps thereupon, too. It contains high amounts of ascorbic acid and fat-soluble vitamins, both of which are potent antioxidants that protect against radical cell damage.


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Coconut Oil (MCT Oil)

Coconut oil has become the new rage within the health and fitness world lately. It seems too good to be true with promises of improved heart health, more focus and energy, and weight loss potential. But is it truly effective? The solution is both yes and no. Oil is primarily composed of saturated fatty acids. Only about 15% of these fatty acids are effective in improving brain function and supporting weight loss. These fatty acids are called “MCTs” or medium-chain triglycerides (your brain’s preferred fuel). There’s an enormous difference in oil vs. MCT oil. An excessive amount of saturated fat, as we know, is often unhealthy. But our body treats the MCTs in copra oil differently than it does with other saturated fats. The MCTs are quickly converted into usable ketone energy for the body and brain instead of being stored as fat. So grab some MCT oil and blend it together with your water next time you’re thirsty and want a mental boost. It tastes great, and it’s good for you!


Eggs are a good low calorie/high protein snack which will facilitate your get through your workday. They’re very high in choline content (even more so than broccoli), which might help support acetylcholine synthesis and kick your brain into high. Detain in mind that the majority of the vitamins and nutrients are within the yolk. Eating pure egg whites is unlikely to produce the identical mental edge that eating the complete egg would supply. Americans are highly deficient in dietary choline, which studies have shown. Perhaps because eggs are “fatty” and “dangerous” for your health are what we’ve been told our whole life? This couldn’t be farther from reality. Sure, they need some cholesterol in them, but nobody ever said to eat a dozen eggs daily, right? Moderation in life, friends. If you would like a fast pick me up, bring some hardboiled eggs and a few broccoli to munch on.


Growing up, I used to be always told that fish is “brain food,” but I never understood the complete health benefits of fish. It seems that fish is additionally a superb source of dietary choline. Thanks to cutting brain fog thanks to their high choline and cobalamin content, salmon, tuna, cod, and lots of other styles of fish are wonderful. Tuna is additionally an honest natural source of phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid that helps to stabilize mood and promote mental focus. Just like the egg, fish is additionally high in protein, which may keep you feeling fuller, longer. Once you like better to snack on high-protein foods, they function as a type of appetite control by increasing satiety. You’ll be less likely to achieve for the bag of chips or the box of cookies if you’re not feeling hungry! this is often key for staying sharp and energized. Both of which are provided in unique ratios in omega-3 supplements, fish also contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). EPA is understood for its ability to scale back bodily inflammation and improve mood, while DHA supports cognitive function. Thanks, fish!