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Paint With These Food & Drink | Painters Start With Simple Painting Stuff

Most children love painting: mess around with colors, brushes, fingers and paper. They love to play with food. So why not combine these two pursuits? Painting with food and drinks!

Paint with this food and drink

Did you know that you can paint with quite a lot of drinks and even food? You have most of it at home, and it is environmentally friendly too, it’s like using environmentally friendly paints for interior painting to beautify your home. In addition, the kids find this super fun and the most beautiful works of art come out.

Make a strong cup and let it cool for your kids. Not for drinking, of course, but for painting. Give them a few brushes, sponges, spoons, branches and other things that the kids can dip in the coffee and then create a work of art on paper or a beautiful canvas. Let it dry well and your coffee art is ready.

Painting with tea
You’ve probably noticed: putting a used tea bag back on the paper sleeve will leave a colored stain. You can also do this on paper. Use different flavors of tea, because each taste gives a different color.

Forest fruits for coloring
You can also paint well with forest fruits, such as raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. You can boil the fruit, mash it into a smooth mixture, let it cool, and drain it the next day until coloring. Blackberries and blueberries give a blue / purple color, raspberries a pink / red color. But, you can just as well give your children trays of fruit and have them messy directly on paper.

Painting with vegetables
Save the cooking liquid from your beetroot, spinach, red cabbage or onion peels for the most beautiful pastel colors of paint.

Dyeing with spices
Some spices are also perfect for making natural paint. How about the beautiful yellow turmeric? Or paprika, curry powder or cinnamon. Mix the powder of the spices with a little warm water until you have a smooth mixture for dyeing.

You should use these artworks to teach your children about healthy eating by showing how good the food is; but, how can you demonstrate that you are also healthy? Here are few tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

How can I live a healthy life?

You can enjoy a healthier life by eating well, getting regular exercise, and relaxing. Living a safe lifestyle lowers the chance of illness. Healthy living also helps you to stay fit longer. A healthy lifestyle is taking good care of your body and your mind.

5 tips for a healthy life.

1. Eat healthy
You take good care of yourself if you eat healthy. By eating according to the Wheel of Five, you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, among other things.

2. Maintain a healthy weight
With a healthy weight you run less health risks than people who are overweight or underweight. In addition, with a healthy weight you feel better about yourself and you feel fitter.

3. Exercise regularly
Exercise is important for a healthy life. You feel fitter when you exercise and it also lowers the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, for example. How much you can exercise depends on your age.

4. Don’t smoke
Those who want to live a healthy life do not smoke.

5. Relax enough
To live a healthy life it is also important not to have too much stress. Get enough relaxation and get enough sleep.

As parents, we are our children’s first role models, so you can show them that eating healthy is good for their bodies and health.