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Planning Food for Driveway Party

 If you are planning a driveway party, it is best to create a menu plan with the intended dishes and their ingredients. Then it is determined which supplies are still in the house. This prevents too extensive spontaneous purchases. If your driveway has been paved by, cleaning after the party will not be bothersome.

Choose suitable dishes for the driveway party

Pasta and potato salads are buffet classics. If they contain fresh mayonnaise, they do not necessarily have a long shelf life. Leaf salads, desserts with raw egg yolks, dishes with raw meat and fish or fruit tarts cannot be kept for long either. They should be chilled well and consumed quickly. Soups, stews or quiches, on the other hand, are easy to store and process.

Calculate the amount of food correctly for the driveway party

The following food quantities are required for a buffet with starters, main courses, side dishes, and desserts: A total of 800 g per person is calculated for the average eater, 1000 g per person is realistic for young men, and around 600 g can tend to be around 600 g for petite women or older people to be charged per person. Expect around 200 g of food per child up to 8 years of age. What is meant is the weight of the finished food, not the raw weight of the ingredients.

Driveway party: Calculate beverage requirements

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Seven percent of all food waste is drinks. Therefore, the preferences of the guests should also be taken into account in advance if possible. Approximately half to three-quarters of a liter of non-alcoholic drinks per hour can be expected per person. Most drinks keep open in the refrigerator for several days, fruit juices, for example, around four days. Wine oxidizes when oxygen is supplied, so close opened bottles again and consume soon.

Give driveway party leftover foods or freeze

The best remedy for leftovers is to give the guests the rest of the food. Fresh bags and plastic cans are therefore part of every party’s equipment. If you create space in the freezer beforehand, it is easier to freeze leftovers after the party and enjoy them later.